Lanterns 4 Girls Project

School-going adolescent girls that live in off-grid households face several challenges like;

  • Prolonged exposure to hazardous kerosene fumes
  • Hardships in doing household chores
  • Difficulty in night study
  • Unsafe night movements
  • Low quality of life
  • Low self esteem

We aim to give 5,000 school going girls access to our Revolution Lantern within 1 year and make this an annual growing revolving project throughout our existence.

We will work with schools in rural Uganda to identify girls who qualify for a lantern and will run an essay or letter writing competition to execute this. All we will require is for the girl to write about her experience using poor sources of light and how she thinks acquiring our solar lantern will change her life and help her achieve her dreams. Winning writers will be those that exhibit genuine brightness, ambition, positive attitude and optimism as well as a clear forecast of where they will go if given access to better light.

We welcome any interested partners to help us make our Lanterns 4 Girls Project a reality. Feel free to contact us for a full project brief.